About Me

Christopher M. Ellison

Software Engineer
Skype:  cmelliso
Twitter:  @cmelliso
LinkedIn:   http://www.linkedin.com/in/cmelliso 

Since 2004, I have worked as a software engineer at Boeing Commercial Airplanes.  During that time, I've worked with a number of software development and maintenance projects in various stages of their lifecycles. I've worked in all arenas of both agile- and traditional-lifecycle projects from requirements development to verification.  I have developed a particular interest in studying use of various methods for ensuring software quality in both styles of lifecycle.

In 2010, I graduated from Carnegie Mellon with a Master of Science in Software Engineering.  Since graduating, I have had the opportunity to work with Carnegie Mellon for a couple of semesters. In fall of 2011, I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to help teach a couple of graduate courses (Avoiding Software Project Failures and Metrics for Software Engineers).  This was an incredible experience for me, from the standpoint of working with the students as well as the other instructors at CMU.

Currently (Spring of 2012), I have again been working with some of the same graduate students on a practical software engineering project course (the CMU Practicum).  In this course, I serve as a customer for rather than an instructor to the students as they go through the full development lifecycle for my product.  In this case, the product is an open-source reference implementation of an aviation software draft standard, ARINC 838.

On my own time, I do still like to work with both hardware and software.  Recently, I've been working with Android and Arduino for fun.  I have developed a few small applications for Android and have just recently begun putting together a real Android/web application project for my own use.