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2014 Goals - March

posted Mar 12, 2014, 5:57 PM by Christopher Ellison
It's now been more than 2 months since the start of the year (and, of course, since I started my 2014 resolutions).  I've been updating the progress toward my annual goals every week, and I've managed to complete a few of them.  In general, I'm feeling pretty good about what I've accomplished so far this year, though there are clearly still some areas I want to work on more.

Broadly speaking, I've broken down my goals into a few groups.

As of the start of the year, I had a large backlog of movies that I'd been meaning to watch.  I'd set a goal to get through about half of them during this year, but during the past couple of months, my wife and I have been in a movie-watching mood.  Maybe it's the weather; maybe it's the lack of daylight up here in the winter months.  In any case, we've managed to plow through my goal in the past couple of months.  It's not really a personal betterment goal, but it's been fun, and I've seen a lot of movies now that I've been meaning to see for a long while.

I also wanted to make sure to keep up my streak of going to see live shows.  I set a goal to go to at least 6 this year - roughly the same as last year.  I've now purchased tickets for at least 6 shows this year, so while I haven't actually completed this goal, it's just a matter of time.

While I've made good progress on my entertainment-related goals (and thus kept myself and my wife entertained), we've been a little home-bound as a result.  I've had some more "get out an about" goals I haven't yet gotten to.  Still, there's a lot of year left, and I plan on working on those in the months to come.

Health and Fitness
Of COURSE I have health and fitness goals for the year!  Like practically every other American, I want to lost some weight and get into better shape.  I haven't been doing as well on these as I have on the entertainment goals.  I've been tracking my weight, food, and activity levels pretty consistently, and I've been exercising a little more than I was at the beginning of the year.  On the down side, I've been writing a lot, and that makes it hard for me to hit my (admittedly high) daily step goal as often as I'd like.  The wet weather has been keeping me inside, too, so I still have my biking and other outdoorsy activity goals to conquer.  I'm doing better than I was last month with this goal, but I still need to work more on it. Hopefully the summer coming up with encourage me to get outside more.

Household Improvement
My last major group of goals involves some of the household improvements I've wanted to do for a little while.  Some of these are simple "make this thing that annoys me stop"; some are more involved DIY or hire-out jobs.  I've worked my way through about a quarter of them so far, so I feel like I'm a little ahead of the game.  Moreover, I've already had the hire-out and intensive DIY work taken care of, so everything that's left is more in the category of "this is annoying, let's make it better."

I still have a long way to go, particularly on the health and fitness goals, but I've been trying to just make slow improvements in each category each week.  There's still a lot of year left ahead.