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posted Jun 1, 2014, 9:00 PM by Christopher Ellison
This is another short story from a specific NPC's perspective in my currently-running D&D/Pathfinder campaign.  This is the same NPC I wrote about in a previous blog post, but I still refuse to answer whether or not this story is canonical in the campaign itself.  If this is canonical, the events of this story would take place during the session titled "Between Two Sojourns."

They saw her.  She got cocky, thought they couldn't find her, and they caught her out.  That's the long and the short of it.

I watched as the invisible one spotted her in the trees.  He thought he couldn't be seen, but I'd watched them long enough to know their tricks.  I knew what they'd do when they heard the fighting, knew their strategies.  I knew that as soon as they closed in, the skinny one would cloak the dark one so that he might outflank whatever opponent they would come across.  Thankfully my sisters and brothers were quick about their business and clever enough to clear out once they'd received my warning... well, most of them, except for her.

Rather than bolting with the rest of them - something she was _quite_ capable of doing, mind - she'd stuck around.  I don't know if it was curiosity or merely hubris, but she wanted to see them.  She'd wanted to see them for herself since my first reports.  So she'd hid up a tree, class 1 day 1 stuff.  She'd relied on the branches to hide her, but the dark one had sharp eyes.  He'd spotted her watching them.  And the nerve, he'd thrown nuts at her, of all things!

If it was hubris, I suppose I should give her some credit for her wits.  She played her looks to the hilt, claiming she'd merely been searching for scent-herbs and had been caught by the sudden battle.  She'd shimmied up the tree to hide from the combatants, of course, and since they were strangers to her, she'd stayed.

The dark one obviously didn't trust her, didn't fully believe her story, but the rest seemed reasonably convinced, or at least reasonably uninterested.  After a short conversation, they'd let her go.  Even so, her hubris had either gotten the better of her again or I'd missed something key in the conversation - she let the tall, fair girl see her woodwalk away!  I don't know why, but if I catch up with her, that'll certainly be the first question I ask!  For now, though, I must remain on my post, following the strangers and making my reports.

That fair one clearly requires additional watching... her and her aelphin friend....