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Halfway Home

posted May 14, 2014, 6:38 PM by Christopher Ellison
The campaign I'm running is probably somewhere around halfway finished, depending, of course, on how long the players want to keep it going.  For the past few days, I've been filling my pocket notebook with scribbled half-thoughts about where the PCs might take things.  Or, to be more honest, I've been digging up memories about the source materials I'd used to inspire this campaign and blatantly ripping them off.  It's a good thing none of my players have any idea what I'm using as my inspirations!

I've never hidden the fact that pretty much every idea I've ever had can be traced back to something I've read, watched, or listened to recently.  I know that I've lifted ideas from every book or movie I've ever seen and enjoyed, and even from some songs.  Of course, I try to mix in ideas from multiple sources and multiple genres, and I always try to put my own spin on things, but I'd never claim my campaigns contain any true originality.  I'm only ever aiming for entertaining; so long as everyone's having a good time, I call it a win.

I haven't yet figured out if this campaign is overall successful or not; the players seem to generally be having a good time, but I've built the core storyline around a giant puzzle that will be difficult to fully figure out.  I'm working to calibrate my hints and build on things until the PCs hit a particular milestone, at which point they'll trigger the reveal; but by that point, I want the PCs to have enough information that they could have legitimately figured things out.