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Mashlands Phase

posted Aug 28, 2013, 6:59 PM by Christopher Ellison
I've been playing too much Borderlands 2.  I know, the game is old, but I'm still on it.  This is partly because I've been playing through the campaign and the 4 currently-available DLCs with a group of friends, and scheduling can be an issue.  It's also partially because I'm trying to play through with all the characters, because apparently I don't know when to stop doing things.

I also just recently found a hardcopy of the Eclipse Phase RPG core book.  I've had the PDF for a while, but I missed out on buying the book when it first came out, and I've been looking around the local shops for a "real" book for a while now.  Finding one triggered me to reread it; I remembered thinking the ideas were cool, but it'd been a while since I'd looked into it, and when I first skimmed it I wasn't considering running a game at the moment.

These two things rammed together in my head the other night as I was idly flipping through the book, and I started thinking about what Pandora (the Borderlands Pandora) would look like as a pencil and paper RPG setting.  Getting the tone right would require a good GM, but the mechanics of the world itself seem to really lend themselves to the system presented in Eclipse Phase with relatively few tweaks.  I'm still not thinking about running a new campaign immediately -- Borderlands 2 and real life are still eating up far too much of my time -- but I am thinking about trying a one-shot in a month or two.  I'm posting some ideas on my wiki in preparation.