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Mid-Year Progress on Goals

posted Jul 2, 2014, 5:46 PM by Christopher Ellison
Since the year's half over, I decided to check up on how I'm doing toward the goals I'd set for myself back in January (somehow, calling them "goals" makes me shudder less than calling them "resolutions"....).  Throughout the year, I've been noting my weekly progress on all of my goals and have been trying to adjust every weekend to make sure I'm on track to hit them all by the end of the year.  So, how am I doing?

As far as my hobbies are going, I'm doing pretty well.  I've been running a D&D campaign on average every other weekend, something I'd previously not done for a little while.  I've always enjoyed both playing in and running RPGs, so I always look forward to the sessions (and even enjoy the prep work).  On the down side, I chose to run a very ambitious campaign involving my own custom world, meaning I've spent quite a lot of time on that prep work.  

I've also already seen a couple of good live shows this year and have more planned in the latter half.  With those, I'll more than meet my goal for attending live theater and comedy shows.

Where I've fallen short is in my instrumental practice.  I'd set myself the goal of learning to play the guitar in a basic way by the end of the year and re-learning the bass as well.  Between the time I've been spending on the campaign and the occasional flare-ups of my tendinitis, I haven't spent nearly as much time practicing as I'd like.

I've also not done as much on my health goals as I would have liked, though I've at least gotten started.  I've been eating healthier and exercising a bit more, but I still haven't set aside as much exercise time as I should.  I'll have to work on this more in the coming months.

I've made the most progress on my household goals so far.  I deliberately set aside extra time in the beginning of the year to do the household maintenance and home improvements I'd planned for the year.  Since most everything went relatively smoothly, almost all of these projects are done.

I'm not planning on rewriting any of my goals for the year, but I have a general plan of attack for the next 6 months.  I'll be trying to wrap up the D&D campaign; hopefully one of the players will decide to pick up the reins next and will run something that I can play a character in.  I'm also turning up the heat on myself to get exercising more.  I've been hitting my lower step goal and baseline exercise goals, but I haven't been hitting my stretch goals with any regularity.  I'll be making a concerted effort to start hitting those stretch goals more often.