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More Visions (and Less Time)

posted May 7, 2014, 7:50 PM by Christopher Ellison
Because I've still been strapped for time to write outside of building up backlog for the campaign, I'm running, I present you with yet another vision from my current D&D campaign.  This one happened to one of the PCs after the party completed a mythic trial culminating in their battle with a juvenile white dragon, Iealdith, who styled herself the Iceblood Empress.


The dream fades in with Darias overhearing a conversation among a group of people inside a very large smithy.  He feels as though he's watching something from outside and has no power to interact with it, like he's watching a play or an image recorded long ago.  No one there seems to notice him.  He can hear people talking to one another and can see 4 shapes, but the voices are garbled and indistinct, the faces and forms out of focus.  All he can see clearly is a gigantic machine, something far larger and more complex than even the Brightmill.  It is clearly unfinished, and the people are, Darias feels, discussing some elements of its construction.  Darias watches as they place and carefully adjust pieces.  He cannot discern what the machine is for, but he feels that it is something of great, almost unfathomable importance.

Turning to the people, Darias can see that it's not even that they're out of focus, it's that they're multiple people all at once, all overlapping and shifting rapidly.  The forms before him change so constantly, so rapidly, that he can't make heads or tails of who they truly are.

Suddenly, Darias feels a crushing pressure over his entire body, agonizingly tight.  He can't move or breathe.  The people seem to feel something at the same time, springing into panicked action.  they rush to the sides of the room.  Darias can't turn to follow or watch them, but he can hear shouted commands and sounds reminiscent of battle.

When he wakes, Darias cannot remember the machine as a whole, but he can remember pieces of it, elements of it.  In particular, he remembers a complex shape in the middle, full of overlapping curves.  It appears to be made of that odd metal Darias first saw in his Throne vision, and it has a complex etching on it that looks like it's inlaid with gold.  As the sights and sounds of the dream faded from Darias's mind, he remembers the etchings on the odd shape shifting, with a smaller piece of the gold inlay drifting aside one of the largest inlays.