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posted Jan 8, 2014, 5:20 PM by Christopher Ellison

Like 17 billion other people, I’ve taken the new year as a mystical, magical, timey-wimey sign that maybe I should do some shit with my life.  Toward that end, I, in a fit of originality, have written out some resolutions for the new year.  With these in hand, I’m writing this blog post, not out of narcissism but of accountability.  If I put this online, I’ll at least feel that both my failures and successes will be public.

In broad strokes, many of my resolutions are as generic as generic can be.  I’ve made quantifiable resolutions around losing weight, getting into better shape, and eating healthier in general.  Most of them revolve around specific exercise and eating goals in the “52 things in 52 weeks” vein: bike this often; meet my step goal this many days; eat off my healthy menu this many nights a month.  I have similar career-related goals, mostly revolving around specific subjects I plan to study with reasonable hours estimates devoted to each.  Roughly half of my resolutions revolve around these two topics.

For the rest of my resolutions, I chose things I enjoy doing and resolved to set aside time to do them this year.  Reading, watching new movies, and re-learning guitar and bass all made the list.  I also resolved to go see some live shows this year; I did pretty well with that last year and want to keep the trend rolling.

I haven’t posted the whole list of 52 specific goals online, but I have posted them on my kitchen wall where I’ll see them every day.  This will at least give me some public exposure, and I plan to post the specific goals and progress toward each throughout the year.