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Time Management in the New Year

posted Feb 5, 2014, 5:30 PM by Christopher Ellison
Roughly a month has passed since I wrote up my list of 2014 goals, and I'm happy to say I've made some progress on them.  Whether or not I've made the progress I want to is a little debatable, but I'm at least happy to see some color on my chart.

This month, I've been unintentionally focusing on some of the entertainment-related goals I set.  My wife and I have turned January into an unofficial movie-marathon month, plowing through some of our "gee, I'd like to watch this" stack.  I also bought some tickets to some live shows throughout the year, something I'd definitely wanted to do this year.  Just those two together have put a big dent in some of my goals.

On another front - exercise and health - I haven't done nearly as much.  I've started tracking my numbers more consistently, which is something I'd fallen off of last year.  I've also been working on exercising my wrist and trying to alleviate my tendinitis, which has helped a little thus far.  What I haven't done so well on is more general exercise.  I've been walking a bit more and eating a bit less, but not as much of either as I'd like.  I also haven't managed to gather my time up for more involved exercise - a standard excuse and something I need to work on.

I'd also play the time card for why I haven't practiced my guitar as much as I'd like, but the tendinitis plays in to that as well.  At the beginning of the year, my wrist was acting up, and practicing was aggravating it a little.  That's why I made my move on the arm exercises, and I'm hoping to get back into the swing of practicing soon.  Finding a free hour on worknights isn't always easy, though.

For January, I've also being running a new D&D campaign pretty regularly.  While I'm happy to do it, this is one of those things that has been eating up some of my time during weeknights.  Playing every Saturday for 6 or 8 hours means a lot of prep work for me during the week.  On the plus side, this puts me on track to certainly finish up the campaign this year - another of my goals.

Finally, I had some cleanup/organization goals for the year, and I'm making some good progress on those.  I set aside some money and did some work on the house this month.  I've also scheduled out time to clean up and reorganize certain things around the house that have been bothering me.  

So, I guess my verdict is:  making some progress, but room for improvement.  Here's to starting more exercise in February - that'll be my next target.