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Yoshirou-Mura's Vision

posted May 28, 2014, 4:40 PM by Christopher Ellison   [ updated Jun 1, 2014, 8:56 PM ]

Since I've still been spending a good 2 hours a night working on my currently-active campaign, I'm putting up another vision writeup from it.

There is a commotion. She wakes.

Something is not right. She isn’t in her bedroll in camp. She’s in a bed, in a house, one she hasn’t seen before. Confused but not alarmed, she stands and looks around the small bedroom. A dressing table and wardrobe stand along one wall, the bed occupying most of the other.

She leaves the room and enters the hallway outside. It leads to a stairwell. The commotion is coming from downstairs. Unhurried, she walks quietly to the stairwell and looks down.

A man is there, a man in an ornate uniform she hasn’t seen before. The man leads a young boy by the hand, murmuring something to him. She can hear his voice but cannot understand the words, though the tone seems reassuring, calming.

The boy is very small; he must reach high above his head to grasp at the man’s hand. Slowly the man leads the boy outside.

There are still noises in the house, the sounds of labored breathing and muffled gasps. She walks down the staircase quietly, carefully looking around to see who else might be in the house. She sees no one, but she can still hear the faint noises coming from the back. Turning away, she moves toward the door.

The door suddenly swings open. She deftly ducks behind it to hide. The uniformed man barges into the room. He has traded the boy for an older woman, flabby and pale, carrying blankets and pouches. They rush for the back of the house without looking around, heading with urgency for the sounds.

She slips through the door before it closes and finds herself on a street in a bustling city filled with humans. The sun has long since gone down, but through the thick fog she can see nothing of the sky. People still roam the streets, some selling the last of their wares to others who are finishing up the business of the day. The boy is down the street; another man, again in that unfamiliar uniform, is leading the boy into another house just down the way.

She looks again at the masked sky, unnerved by the oppressive dome of fog overhead. As she does, a brief breeze kicks up, clearing a small window to the sky. Through that window, she can see an omen in the sky, a three-tailed comet glowing a dull red just east of north.

Edit 1:  Removed a footnote I'd previously missed that isn't present here but is present on the relevant wiki page.